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Ghostly werewolf. 


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Ghostly werewolf. 

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I`m a lucky guy. I was there watching Gravity Falls since the very beginning. I missed some recent developments since the hiatus, but I saw the tag growing from a few guys talking about a show they found neat into a decent sized fandom. 

Since the first season is officially over, let’s remember a few moments that we passed together, shall we?

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Why don’t we have a band centered on making Western-Like music? We have retro bands, Japanese-pop bands, bands centered around video games but no wild west bands? Sergio Leone would be disapointed. 

Por que não temos uma banda centrada em fazer músicas de faroeste? Nós temos bandas retrôs, bandas ocidentais de música pop japonesa, bandas centradas em video games mas nenhuma banda de faroeste? Sergio Leone estaria desapontado.