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I slowed down Gravity Falls opening and what I’ve got was something really creepy and… western?

((This is like a doomsday march, man. And when the music changes suddenly it’s like they’re ready to attack for real.

((This post affects me a lot.))

this is fucking scary

I like it

I will use it in any future Deadlands (or other horror/western) game.

(via beksboys)

I…I didn’t expect a My Little Pony/Deadlands crossover but….Here it is
Eu…Eu não espera um crossover de My Little Pony com Deadlands mas…aqui está

Why don’t we have a band centered on making Western-Like music? We have retro bands, Japanese-pop bands, bands centered around video games but no wild west bands? Sergio Leone would be disapointed. 

Por que não temos uma banda centrada em fazer músicas de faroeste? Nós temos bandas retrôs, bandas ocidentais de música pop japonesa, bandas centradas em video games mas nenhuma banda de faroeste? Sergio Leone estaria desapontado.