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Losing interest

-Already?: By BlitzPony

I’ll be honest with you, been some time since I watched My Little Pony. I was satisfied with season 2 and waited eagerly for the season 3 premiere but… I didn’t watch it. I didn’t re-watch any episode and to be honest I didn’t visit any Pony-related site for a while. 

I still enjoy seeing fanart and comics in the first page of deviantart. But…I don’t look for them, I feel more interested in searching for random words on devi than searching for new Vinyl Scratch or Luna fanarts, same thing for youtube and Tumblr. I think I just lost interest in the show. 

I’m not angry, I’m not sad, I don’t regret anything I’ve done or did. I’m happy for discovering this cartoon and having fun with the shenanigans of small sized talking horses. 

And it made me recover my interest in animation in general. I didn’t watch anything since the end of samurai Jack, and now I’m having fun with shows like Gravity Falls or Ninja Turtles

And I’m also glad for just loosing interest than being disapointed or for the show jumping the jarck (that’s my nickname for the shark), like what is unfortunately happening to Chad Rocco.  

So, guess i won’t be posting much or at least nothing related to Friendship is Magic, hope you had fun with me. 

-Your happiest ex-student, Sebastian. 

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